Monday, November 02, 2009

Created just for fun - Auto Mute

I've created small software utility to make notebooks silent when it's turning on or is waking up from a sleep mode. So the computer becomes quiet even if you forgot to turn the sound off in previous session. Very useful if you have small children or are trying to work in public places, on conferences for example.

Actually, this is my old idea of software for people who have small children, but nobody wants to make such tool for years. So if you want to have something you cannot buy, do it by yourself :)

Auto Mute software screenshot

Download EXE file
Download ZIP Archive

Hope this program will be helpful to many people. If you need additional feature or know how to improve this sound control software let me know.


File Gets said...

Good job! Our team have awarded Auto Mute with a five star award. Thanks.

sky said...

This software doesn`t work. The sound icon changes to the mute symbol when the computer switches off and when the computer re-boots the sound icon is still saying off.

However, there is still sound. It doesn`t mute the sound at all. I`m using Win XP / SP3.

Anonymous said...

to sky:

If the sound icon shows that sound is disabled, it should be muted. If you still hear some sound, it is a bug in your sound driver. What computer do you use and what sound card is installed?

Turned off sound after reboot - that's the way software works. You may turn the sound on manually, using a shortcut for example. Ctrl+F10 by default.

If you want to remove only logon/logoff sound, just edit windows sound scheme in the control panel. But this will not help you to turn off Skype or ICQ messages, and other sound notifications.

sky said...

Thanks, but really, this does not work. I`ve tried it on 2 laptops now, both running Win XP SP3. One a Dell, the other a HP.

It switches the icon to mute on shutdown, but when the comp reboots the sound is still enabled, even with the icon showing as mute. Nothing to do with sound card drivers.

Pity as this is a great idea.

sky said...

I also should have mentioned that when I shutdown, I see the icon change to mute, but the windows shutdown sound is still heard.

KARPOLAN said...

3 ASUS Notebooks, one desktop computer, all under Windows XP SP3 - works fine.

Also this software has been tested by my friends - works everywhere.

What do happen with your computers if you mute volume manually, using Windows environment?

sky said...

If I click the sound icon and enable/disable the sound it works fine. If I click the sound button on the front of my Dell it works fine. If I download any other software that enables/mutes the sound, it works fine.

Out of curiosity I tried it on my 3rd laptop last night, which is a Fujitsu Siemens. Didn`t work on that either.

Tanya said...

Tried this tool on my desktop computer and on laptop (both running Windows XP Pro SP3) - works just great.

sky said...

I can only assume that some other software I have is causing this to fail.

No worries, I`ll see if I can find something else.

KARPOLAN said...

I think it is some software/drivers conflict indeed.

What sound/multimedia relative utility do you use on all your computers?

Ph said...

Auto_Mute wants to run two instances of itself at start up.

Also, how do I uninstall this software as there is nothing in Add or Remove listed.

Compal EL80
XP pro

Ph said...

oh found it, just delete the original download. Now it seems to be removed.