Tuesday, July 24, 2007

It was a hurricane!

We were traveling on the west of Ukraine, near beautiful Shatsk lakes. On the way from Svitjaz lake to Kovel city our car fall into real hurricane!

Hood and roof have been damaged with a hail :(

Windshield is OK, but some other cars have less of luck. Many cars on roadside stayed under the rain and wind without any cover...

This is a picture of hailstone I've found on the car when the hail ends. Some of hailstones were egg-sized!

My wife on the 8th month of pregnancy was really scared, but everything comes to the end fine. Natural disaster is dreadful and unbelievable in the same time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

This is Small Small Small World

I've already have 85 people connected to my LinkedIn KARPOLAN profile . All these people I've met in real life, while studying, working in office, visiting some conferences. It is interesting to know that my second connection circle is grater then 5000 of people! The volume of third circle is hard to calculate, but I think it is about 500 thousands of people. So all people of the world are connected to me on 4th or 5th circle! Who do still think that the Earth isn't a big village? :)