Friday, September 13, 2013

Today is 256 Day of Year

So it is the Programmers' Day :)

My first program in 1992 year was something like that:

10 INPUT "Temperature in Fahrenheit: "; F
20 LET C = Int((F + 40) * 5 / 9 - 40)
30 PRINT "Temperature in Celsius: " + C
40 INPUT "Again (Y/N)"; S$
50 IF S$="y" OR S$="Y" THEN GOTO 10

Do you know the languge it is writen on?

Monday, September 02, 2013

Micro USB 3.0 connector pinout

I was spending about 15 minutes googling until I've found the electric pinout of Micro USB connector ver 3.0 (a doubled one)

Also I was not able to get an electric scheme of USB 3.0 that specifies color of each wire inside the cable.

So after some research I've made a paper note for myself. Also I didn't forget to take a photo and share it to everybody:

Micro USB 3.0 pinout and color of wire

Hope this saves time for other people :)