Thursday, November 29, 2007

Remote Software

Article about Remote Software: Remote software is a kind of utilities that allows some people to run programs on other computes that are not physically accessible. Usually, remote software use a local network or Internet connection to access remote computer...

Monday, November 26, 2007

Personal Websites for My Kids

I've created 2 websites for my children: Daughter - Kristina Karpenko Son - Luka Karpenko There is no content there. But kids always do something special, so I will place many interesting information in the nearest future :)

Monday, November 12, 2007

Burn Discs of Any Kind

Can your brand new PC burn DVD movies? Most Windows XP machines can't do that, and only support CD burning at best. Windows Vista adds support for DVD media, but the industry invented two new high-definition formats - Blu-Ray and HD-DVD, which Vista cannot cope with. So did you spend your money for a brand new high-def disc burner for nothing? Are you a hostage of big greedy media companies that want to charge you hundreds of dollars for the features you thought you already paid for? That was the unfortunate truth until very recently. But not anymore! Burn just about any disc format in the world with the brand new DVD Blaster! Read more about DVD Blaster software

Thursday, November 08, 2007

DVD and Blu-ray disc burning software

New software for working with different disc media has been released! DVD Blaster is a burning program for CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, HD-DVD discs and its families. Official site is DVD-BLASTER.COM

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Who you gonna call? Kaspersky!

Many of us have seen Kaspersky Lab's promo video "Packin' The K!"
I think it's funny, but also quite stupid! As I understand, Kaspersky wants to populate his (or her :) own name in North America. Everybody knows Symantec and MacAfee, but who's the fuckin' Kaspersky? Making a funny, but unique video is not enough. It will only catch people who already know about Kaspersky. So what's the point? If I was marketing Kaspersky for money, I'd use a cover version of a popular tale or movie. You know, one of those where the hero is changed to Kaspersky himself or to some virtual antivirus hero! Imagine, Batman-Kaspersky on the antivirus-mobile drives to the computer virus nest and saves the World from a new epidemy :) But, I think Batman is to stupid too :) Moreover, using of such a popular title would cost too much! As I see it, the best tale for Kaspersly lab is Ghostbusters movie! Viruses and trojans are greatly associated with ghosts. The popular music theme "Who you gonna call? Ghostbusters" is a match for "Who you gonna call? Kaspersky" or "Who you gonna use? Kaspersky". Kaspersky Lab may create a cover version of this music clip, and it catches everybody!
Also, there are many other marketing possibilities to use Ghostbusters materials to populate Kaspersky name as an antivirus buster. Hope Natalia or Eugene will use this marketing strategy, so I'm waiting for my beer :)

Friday, November 02, 2007

AdSense rulez :)

I've earned $1,293.23 on AdSense in October 2007. $864.12 comes from special keyword targeted pages, like ape format or remote desktop I will investigate why some keywords generate lots of money. It seems that advertisers don't make any analysis and spend own budgets just for fun :)