Friday, November 20, 2009

Auto Mute 1.3

I've add some new features to Auto Mute program. Now you'll get a balloon tooltip notification if sound is muted on system startup or resume. Some people ask me to add such reminder, because they always forget to turn the sound on after computer restart.

Auto Mute software screenshot

You can download Auto Mute 1.3 right form this blog. Software is absolutely free.

Download EXE file
Download ZIP Archive


Unknown said...

One question and one comment:
1) How do you uninstall the program?

2) Ctrl + F10 seems to do nothing on my windows 7 laptop

Otherwise, it works ok.

KARPOLAN said...

Just delete auto-mute.exe, or turn off option to start pogram on system startup

Felix Materski said...

Thanks Karpolan

Heard of you from lifehacker and it's just what I needed

Anonymous said...

I have disabled the software, but now my computer audio does not work. I have tried Device manager, re-installed Drivers and tried a number of suggestions posted on the web, but none has worked.

Any advice appreciated.

Can I get my sound back via a Registry hack?

KARPOLAN said...

Auto Mute doesn't work on driver level, so the problem is somewhere else. Maybe something wrong with hardware?

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