Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Sex Pistols

I began listening Punk music when I was 14. I was a heavy metal fun, and like speed and trash metal rock. Death metal became popular, but I don't like it much. When I was on summer vocation, one of my older friends sets the Sex Pistols cassette. It was funny, but simple and dirty played music takes my mind :) That summer I've listened to many punk bands, like The Ramones, Dead Kennedys, The Exploited, The Clash, and so on. Some of compositions are really rubbish, but others are nice. Punk is interesting that some ugly song can dig into your head and you cannot get it out of you mind :) So here are some songs of Sex Pistols that make me a punk rock fun: God Save the Queen
Pretty Vacant
Anarchy in the UK
This is a video of Sid Vicious performance that explains what the punk division is and how it relates to ordinary world :)
Punk's not Dead! :)

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