Monday, March 10, 2008

My favorite music - Nirvana

Surfing YouTube I've found some music video clips I really like. Actually, I'm listening any good music, but some artists are my favorite, or were best for me in the past :) When I was in last classes of school and during first courses of my institute education, Nirvana was my addiction. I've got all Nirvana CDs, and even played the guitar :) My favorite Nirvana songs are Heart Shaped Box, Aneurysm, Rape Me, Dumb, Sliver, In Bloom, Breed, Smells Like Teen Spirits, and others. This is a video of backing through "Smells Like Teen Spirits" song, that makes Nirvana very and very popular:
Actually the band exists about 3 years before "Nevermind" album success. But only real funs know this :) Here is a list of my Top 10 favorite Nirvana videos I've found at YouTube:
My favorite Nirvana songs at YouTube
Some of videos are disabled to embed, so visit this page to see all of them. With the light out the satisfaction is guaranteed :)

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