Thursday, June 23, 2011

Keyboard Leds 1.5

Keyboard LEDs version 1.5 has been released.

Program allows you to see the current state of keyboard locks (Caps, Num, Scroll). Information is shown in the system tray or on a floating window over your screen. Also there is an option to indicate the locks state changing with sound.

Keyboard LEDs software by KARPOLAN

You can download and use Keyboard LEDs program absolutely free!

Download EXE file
Download ZIP Archive


Anonymous said...

Can you please create native x64 build? Thank you. Amazing tool.

KARPOLAN said...

Delphi doesn't compile 64bit yet :( I have no time to rewrite this app on C++ or C#. Next version of Delphi should be able to compile x64 apps, maybe then :)

Anonymous said...

just installed your keyboard leds for my ARC Keyboard.Great now know when Caps are on.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately there's no option to define where the OSD text appears. If I change the size to XL or larger then much of the OSD text is off the right side of the screen. If Delphi can determine the right edge of the screen, then it's simple math to determine where to start text so it doesn't end up off the edge of the screen. Font and sizes are predetermined by application (perhaps another definable option?) so this is easy (more difficult w/ definable fonts and sizes).

Also a timer option would be handy so that the OSD text isn't ALWAYS displayed. (yes I know it has opacity control which is very handy but doesn't accomplish the same thing) Perhaps on a keychange it would display only for a definable period (i.e. on CAPSLOCK press - displays CAPSLOCK ON for x time & on another press CAPSLOCK OFF for same x time where x is definable in settings).


KARPOLAN said...

Use mouse to drag OSD over the screen :)

KARPOLAN said...

Check the new version of Keyboard Leds program, there is "auto hide OSD" feature: