Saturday, January 30, 2010

Auto Mute 2.5

Auto Mute version 2.5 has been released. Now you have an option to turn the sound off when a screensaver appears. Software has different sound control engines for Windows 98/2000/XP and for Windows Vista/2008/7. So the program works correctly on any version of Windows system.

Auto Mute 2.5 screenshot

You can download Auto Mute 2.5 right here, right now (c). Software is absolutely free :)

Download EXE file
Download ZIP Archive


Unknown said...

This is a great app. Do you know of any reason it would not respond when shutting down or restarting? I get the "End Now" window but it also crashes and I have to use the power button to shut down.


Unknown said...

BTW; running XP SP3 on HP Compaq 6730s.

Anonymous said...

Tested and works fine on may Win XP systems. Do other programs get the "End Now" window on your system?

Unknown said...

No. This is a pretty fresh install of the OS. Not a lot of programs running. Where do you have the .exe located? (not that it should matter much)

KARPOLAN said...

In the folder you've download it :) There is no installer for Auto Mute.

You may close Auto Mute program using popup menu on the tray icon (near clock).

Jim R said...

Karpolan, here is a suggest modification to Auto Mute for use as a Commercial Mute (Skip) application when listening to radio on a Windows PC.

I listen via and it is really annoying when the commercials come on because some station really turn up the volume when broadcasting them.

I haven't used Auto Mute so I can't suggest how the UI could be best modified to add this function, but instead, the ideal would be a tray icon near the Volume control, or a desktop icon that could be positioned above Volume, that once clicked on would mute the Headphone jack in 30Sec increments each time the Icon is clicked on, restoring Headphone sound at timeout. Mute would begin immediately on the first click of the mute Icon.

It could get more fancy by allowing one to set the mute time, but a fixed 30Sec extendable in 30sec increments would be fine for me. It is a common, and familiar, way it is done on Playback recording equipment, for example DVR/DVDR TiVo type recorders for TV program recording and replay. So the one Mute Icon would be like a Remote Control skip button.

Would be interested in your response. If you already have or know of such an app, I would appreciate a reference. I could test Auto Mute with Commercial Mute if you decide to modify it. I use Vista 32 w/Firefox browser and radio listening at

Thank You,
Jim Russell
San Diego

Jim R said...

Regarding my last comment Karpolan, I see you already have a Mute On/Off using F10, so Mute Commercial would do a similar thing except it would allow a Timed Mute instead, where each click of F10, if done serial within a certain timeout, would increase the Timed Mute in 30Sec increments. Sound would return at end of timeout.

So, my suggestion of a desktop Icon is not as good as your existing Function key press, because the Desktop is typically hidden by open applications. Timed Mute could exist on a different Function key, or configured in the setup window of running Auto Mute.

Thanks again.

Jim Russell