Saturday, April 18, 2009

How to repair screen in notebook

I've replaced LCD panel in ASUS M3000Np notebook. It wasn't too hard.

Broken screen in Oksana's notebook:

Notebook ASUS M3000Np with broken screen
Looks ugly, I can't even read half of text.

Well, lets try to fix this using the screen panel from another old notebook.

Disassembling of notebook case is a quest kind of game :)

Open notebook ASUS M3 case. Use screwdriver near Esc key to lift up the top panel.
Disassemble ASUS M3000 notebook. Pull the panel left.
Notebook ASUS disassembling. Lift up and pull left the top panel.

We need to remove plastic frame around the screen:

Remove screw hole covers. I've used medic needle.
Screw out 4 screws to release the screen frame

Screen frame is easy to remove now, but be careful! Use screwdriver to release latches.

Use screwdriver to release latches around the periphery
Frame is ready to remove. Be careful.

We've got access to LCD panel. Remove 4 corner screws and take out old screen.

LCD screen panel in ASUS M-3 notebook
Screw out corner fixes and take out screen panel of notebook

Take new screen panel and compare to the old one. They should absolutely match each other.

Notebook ASUS-M3 with old and new LCD screen panel

After replacing and plugging the screen panel, better turn the notebook on to verify does everything works fine :)

Place new screen panel to ASUS M3 notebook

Seems just fine, so assemble the notebook.

Place screen frame and top panel. Repairing is complete.

Repairing is complete. Everybody's happy :)


Anonymous said...

Hi, I have the same laptop. Do you have a manual on how to take it apart or do you know the best way to get to the power adaptor?



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